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At Tranter Lawyers, we are not just another business – we are a Community.

Our clients are our community and we treat our clients like friends.  We are fortunate in that we constantly come across information that can help our clients (both from a legal and a non legal perspective). We want to help protect and improve our clients’ lives because that is what friends do. Our clients have trust and confidence in us to look after their best interests. This is why we don’t have one off transactions with clients. We have a relationship with our clients.

To achieve this, we consistently keep in contact with you during your matter so you understand what is happening. Our expert team are trained to do everything possible to make sure you have peace of mind. Even when your matter has finished, our job hasn’t. Our Newsletter provides updates, education, competitions and a bit of fun.  When we come across great offers from other service or product providers we try to arrange for our clients to also benefit. We have regular ‘client only’ events just to say thank you.

When finding a resolution to a problem, we look at trying to find the best solution as opposed to the legal solution.  Thinking outside the box often means we come up with a better solution that is more effective and costs less. We don’t want our clients wasting good money after bad so if we need to tell our clients straight up how it is, that is what we do. We need to look after our clients.

Rather than us telling you how good we are, why not see what our clients say about us in our testimonial section.

We have a range of FREE reports available that assist in providing valuable information so that clients can make informed decisions.  These reports include:

Feel free to visit the testimonial page to see what our clients say about us.

If you are looking for a lawyer with a difference, we hope to hear from you.

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